About Rasisilks

The spiritual and cultural centre of Chennai is Mylapore, and at the heart of Mylapore is the 1400 year old Kapaleeshwar Temple which holds a tremendous significance to most.

Right near the entrance to this heavenly abode is located the first showroom of Radha Silk Emporium, popularly known as RASI. Started as a silk shop 120 years ago, RASI was born during an era when traditions and cultures were woven into rich silk fabric. And that found its way to royal homes to adorn people with discerning taste of the bygone days.

With time, tastes change, and so has RASI. While we have remained close to our roots with our silk saris - whose beauty still charms everyone - we have also understood the aspirations of a new generation exposed to global influences and have on offer the very latest in fashion and accessories.

Creative Design is our strength, and our in-house team of designers work closely with the weavers and our marketing department to ensure we bring the most amazing and unique designs that our customers enjoy.

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